Source of Funds

Financial expertise to help document source of funds for EB-5 reviews

To ensure that all its clients’ documentation is thoroughly and correctly prepared, Azarmehr Law Group has partnered with Gray International, Ltd., a diversified international CPA practice with operations in the United States, Europe and Asia.

The investor must present evidence that traces the investor’s funds from the investor directly to the enterprise. This money can be the investor’s own funds or in the form of a loan or gift.

After the investor completes a thorough business and financial due diligence analysis of the viability of the Regional Investment Center business opportunity, the investment is made and an I-526 petition is filed by the foreign investor with CIS.

CIS reviews both the applicant (source of funds) and the investment to ensure EB-5 status can be granted. This process will take an average of 4 months.

Under any EB-5 option, the investor must show the investment funds ($500,000 to $1 million) were obtained through legal means. Investors should be prepared to show:

  • Foreign business registration records
  • Personal and business tax returns, up to last 5 years
  • Documents identifying other sources of money
  • Certified copies of all pending civil or criminal actions, or private civil actions involving judgments against investor in last 15 years